I'm Brittany Alysia.

Rebel Business Mentor & Abundance Activator. Unapologetically Millennial. Podcaster. Girlfriend. Mom. The BFF Who Is Always Down For Coffee.

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The Wealthy Rebel Biz Coach

Welcome to our Official Lounge where you can find all the goodies we have to offer.. I have a feeling we may have just become best friends. 

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I help female entrepreneurs just like you, break through their OWN glass ceiling, so that they can live a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

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Greatness is a decision and your birthright. You deserve to love the woman looking back at you in the mirror. This show is for the purpose driven female entrepreneur who is committed to only counting the times she gets back up. The woman who is ready to ignite the flame within, find her voice, and use the power her story to transform the lives of those around her. 



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“Brittany Alysia is a true testament to what it means to be a coach.”

so they say:

- Victoria W.

I’m a Canadian made female entrepreneur, rebel business mentor, podcaster and abundance activator. I’m head over heels for pineapples, PSLs, and traveling the world. I am an unapologetically fierce, and ambitious millennial. 

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo to help you break through your own glass ceiling to achieve a life of freedom and fulfillment. I design success focused programs specific to what you need to move the needle in your business. I just happen to be the coach for coaches. 

Like stories? i'm just like you!

I am committed to helping you as an online creator and female entrepreneur wherever you are in the world to turn your dreams into a reality, by transforming your messaging so that you can create a genuine connection with your audience and grow your income online.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Be Utilizing Facebook Live In Your Marketing Strategy

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Learn how I repurpose a single piece of content into 7 different pieces so that I can grow an audience who is primed and ready to buy.


In this 45 Minute DEEP DIVE Coaching Call together we will begin with a Content Assessment and see where you are now, get a clear picture of where you want to be, and together we will create your very own Success Roadmap.

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